Am I alone ? Anybody else survive doomsday ? Another year, another failed doomsday ? doomsday today – judgement day !

What do the doomsday prophets say now; Sorry kids, the world did not go under, you have to go and do your homework and to school ! Charge your phones again, and start saving, you spent all your money last night. Sorry for giving all your earthly possessions to us, you just have to go and earn some more, another judgement day will come ! Sorry, the Lord did not listened ! Sorry the Lord was wrong ? Sorry, I am not feeling well today, and will not come and preach to you anymore, for a while !

Today is another one of the world dooms days May 21st.- Judgement day ! I read about it for a year now, people have given everything away to the common good, and are prepared for  doomsday. Did they pick the wrong date again ? A small vulcano on Island made a point of erupting, was that a message or what ?

I am sitting here, nobody contacted, me to get my worldly possessions, that might be another reason for that. But hi there, am I alone ? Did the world go under today ? Who is going to tell me? I don’t want to be left alone !

The TV is on, but it does not say if it is live or nor, there are enough programs to run forever, and nobody would see it anyway. I don’t trust the people who are predicting this Armageddon, they don’t have the power. It would take a Russian or an American to push the red button, but they seem both to like this world, collecting power and friends, and having a good time, and sending their kids to school.

What is the reason to end this happiness ? Yes, we are all struggling; some want food, some want freedom, some want shorter work week, some want bigger boats, some want smarter kids, some wants faster cars, some want younger looks, bigger breast, more tattoos, some want warmer summers, some want peace, some want clean water, some does not want the ice to melt, some want to surf on bigger waves, some like to eat whale and seal meat, and to wear warm nice fur coats, some don’t, some like farmed fish, that can help feed the world, some are against everything, some want to rule whole countries by them self, some want to share to wealth, some want to control by religion, some by politics, some by terror, some want their neighbour dead, some want to live and share, some want women as slaves, some as queens, some rides the horses, some eat them, some complain, some shut up, some splash their life and body on social media, some don’t even care,  some want to golf, ski, fish, make love, run, ice skate, play soccer, football, basket, cricket, hockey or all the other games; this world really have something for all, enjoy it !

Some just want peace and quiet, like most , don’t bother us with all your petty problems. I will do my share to make this a better world, you do your share, but don’t tell me what to do, but I can tell you, if you are good enough to listened.

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