First swallow, first hedgehog this year

Aalesund, Norway May 11 had some hot weather last few days, over 20 C. The first swallow arrived may 9th, and tonight, May 11th. the first hedgehog, that is the earliest I have seen them in over ten years. I will take some pictures tomorrow. The swallows are barn swallows, with long split tail feathers. 

The hedgehog was not fully grown, but not a baby of this year. I lifted him up, carefully, talked to him softly, but I did not recognize the colors from any of the usuals, I do recognize quite a few of the friendly evening visitors.  I filled water dishes, the most important supply for the hedgehogs is clean water. I also spread some good dogfood, some cracked nuts and some birdseed, all good staple food for hedgehogs. Never ever, give them bread or milk. They also eats snails and other creatures from your garden, and the saying is; if you have hedgehogs – you have no mice and rats.

Hedge hogs are carnivorous, and insectivores. Although their diet does not only include insects, insects are the base of their diet. They mostly eat crickets, grasshoppers, worms, spiders, moths, (if they can catch them on the ground,(also they are nocturnal, so butterflies are not included in the diet,)) and scorpions, if they are in the same range. Hedge hogs, by the way, are not closely related porcupines, contrary to popular belief.

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