“The last supper” for the family pet ?

Jesus, I hope I am just sentimental, or the Easter spirits influencing me, because I have to put  my old dog “Wilson” down soon, and my thoughts are wondering wider than usual.  He was just asking for some food, as usual this time at night, and was prepared, I had some beef soup bones, with lots of fat, marrow and meat, and some ox tails, frozen, the are cheaper than dogfood. As treat he got half a sausage, I can not honestly tell him its beef, I don’t know, but they are also cheaper than dog food.

The old dog is blind, deaf to things he does not care about, and within a month he has to go, a one way ticket to St.Bernard in the heaven. I tell him that every day, for the last year or so. It is one of the toughest things, to put down a family pet. 

I think of all the things he likes, for snacks or dinner. What would he want for his last supper ? Oxbones, with marrow is a sure thing. Oxtails, lots of fat, easy to chew, more like cartilage than bones, also a favorite. A frozen chicken, fresh or barbecued, also to his liking. He does not leave much after he is finished, the jaws that crush these bones are strong as can be.

This is my last of three St. Bernard’s, spanning over 30 years. I have always given them raw and cooked bones, from day one, and I have never seen healthier dogs. When we had a farm there were lots of meat, bones and all kinds of slaughter goodies for the dogs. They all liked their food frozen, as in a frozen turkey, on the kitchen counter, getting ready for a dinner, gone, with all the plastic and foil spread around the kitchen and living room.

As on Christmas Eve, doing my round to deliver some self caught frozen salmon to my friends. The last stop was an old Norwegian, around hundred, having been a seasonal salmon buyer at coastal communities up the BC coast, he really appreciated a salmon. I was at the end of my round, and stopped for a cheer at a pub with a friend. Making that last stop, I opened the back doors to my van, to deliver the last frozen salmon. It was gone, just some pieces of plastic wrapping, and some evidence of aluminum foil was present. The dog was happy. I had to drive back to West Van, get another one, and deliver, it took about an hour, and the old man had seen me the first time, and I could tell it on his expression, that he did not expect me back that Christmas Evening, but I had to.

I don’t know what the last meal of my first St.Bernard was, or the second, but I am planning the last meal for this one. He likes frozen mackerel, especially in the summer months, I tell him it is ice cream, and he loves it. I catch a lot of mackerel, off the rocks at home and while rowing around fishing. he can have as much as he wants. Usually a few every week.

In the fall he get lamb bones, from my and his, favorite butcher. That is the very best, I think the last meal should be lamb bones, if my butcher have some. In worst case I go for kid goat, frozen, he might not care about the difference, he will probably be drugged by then.

Easter time, all this last supper and other messages coming from everywhere one look. What would I have for the last supper ? Je; I don’t know. Bacalao is always nice, but I had to make it myself. No starters,no dessert, just a main meal of my own bacalao.

Or may be a lamb cheslick; no icecream flambe, I figure there will be plenty of both ice and fire where we are going.






a meal of bacalao from norway

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