A scary start ?

Easter friday, I get home early, park my car, a Toyota Landcruiser 1986, not just a car, but a fantastic solid vehicle, diesel, 4×4, all a man with big dog would want. First sunny day for a long time, had a x-mas beer while soaking some sun. The beer still tasted good, the sun was nice, many kids playing on a soccer field next door.

Watching the TV news, I heard this noise, like a car crash outside, jumped up, ran outside, all the kids were watching my car, it had crashed into a cement wall about ten feet from where it was parked, brakes on and in first gear. Smoke was coming from the engine room. I yelled at the kids, one of them must have done it.

Both my keys were inside the house. I did not know what to do, opened the hood, smoke was coming from one battery terminal, the ground wire insulation was melted.  I have had cars, boats and engines all my life, never seen or heard of anything like this. I took the damaged battery out, my Landcruiser have two large diesel batteries.

I figured it was gone, and put it in the back for disposal. There was still smoke and smell of electrical burning. The car did not start with a battery. I checked the other battery, and as I was moving the insulation on the terminal, the car started again, now in free, brakes on, but really scary. The battery terminal melted as i watched. Got a wrench and disconnected it, but while doing so, the car started and luckily stopped several times.

cleaned up everything, new battery clams, new grounding wires, and the ignition worked. Started the engine, and while it was running, the starter checked in, with some smoke and noise, managed to disconnect the batteries again. Many years ago, up north, on an old engine, the man used to hit the starter with a hammer, to make it work. I tried now, and washed the engine at the same time, there was 30 years of oil and grease. Tomorrow I will try again.

The former owner has added some gadgets, lights and things I never found the switches for, and have never used. A good guess is that one of these, is the root to this easter incident. Now I have a self-starter.

If this had happened on the shopping center parking lot, a lot of cars would have been damaged, now the heavy steel bumper is bent, with some other small damage, and on the ground it shows the marks of the front wheel spinning until the engine stopped. if it happened at night, with no kids around to yell, a fire most likely would have occurred. On a ferry it would have been bad, and so many other places I travel.

All the kids came around to see, a car smoking, starting and smashing into a brick wall on its own, a rare sight. I apologized to them, and showed the burned up insulation on the grounding wire.

I am still in shook, is this another easter miracle. Tomorrow I will pump up the tires on my bike, both the bike and me need some action.

Next time I hear of cars or boats burning up, I will not be sure it is an insurance scheme.

leger uten grenser bruker samme modell -doctors without borders use same model

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