Kids talking ….

Some of the funniest things comes naturally from kids talking; here are some of ours:

…… ‘s bed was wet sometimes in the morning, it was not a big issue, but we hoped it would stop , and it did. But one day when … was explaining what could have happened he said: You see, the window was open, and it must have been the little rain coming in the window, that did it !

One evening I picked up the boys at the ferry terminal, they had visited their mother in town all weekend. The youngest one was very tired, and almost fell asleep in the front seat. I asked him if he was a little tired: No, I am not a little tired, I am a little awake !

We lived up north for three years, and it was a trying period for all. On a farm, lots of all kinds of animals, long distance to town, friends, and no TV. All fun and activities we had to do ourselves. We took a long drive back to the coast one summer, a two-day drive over 1.500 km. Stopping in Lilloet, a beautiful small town, we could see the Lilloet River down in the valley. ….. must have been 5 or six, he did say much, but when he saw the river bottom, he looked at it for a while, and said: Lots of rocks in that river ! It was very funny at the time, there were lots of rocks.

When we got to West Vancouver and saw the ocean, …’s eyes lit up and he exclaimed: See, pappis ocean !  He actually remembered the earlier days when he came along on the boat.

He had some problems saying; Truck, it came out as fu.. .  On a stroll in Stanley Park on a nice sunday it became a pain for us, and fun for the other strollers. From his carriage he pointed at any and every car that moved, not only trucks; it started with a Fire truck: Fire fu.., fire fu..  Everybody laughed, and he got fired up. Fire fu.., fire fu.., was all we heard that sunday afternoon stroll. He received lots of attention.

During a family hearing, where the kids could tell a family councillor where they wanted to live; in Sechelt or in town, the oldest said, as one of the reasons he wanted to live in Sechelt with me: Papi makes such good and wholesome and nutritious soups !  At the time it was hilarious funny, but the councillor thought that I had primed him to say it, and that was not funny. I still have no idea where those words came from; directly from him, certainly not from me. But funny it was.

Coming back, into the kitchen, after chasing our cows back to the ranch, after they had visited the grain fields of a neighbour, ….. exclaimed to his mother: You should have seen papi, he flew like superman ! The truth was, my horse, Strawberry had a blind eye, and she came upon a stump that scared her, bucket, and I flew, a fairly long flight, not by choice. She looked sorry and apologetic as I crawled back and mounted into the saddle. A favorite horse of mine, had her for many years, and got many foals from her.

Fifteen years later, same horse, Strawberry, now with Lars and Lita, the bordercollie, and Lita’s brother visiting.

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