Thinking out loud – my fourth life ?

Life one. How many lives does a man get ? I am soon finished with three now, and getting ready for the fourth. In the first i was born and raised, went to school and served in The Kings Guard in Norway. Two sister and a brother, and friends from the golf club.

Life two. Immigrated alone to Canada in ’66 when I was 22, became a Canadian citizen in ’79. Lived most of my life there, have most of my friends there, and two boys and my ex-wife and a step son, soon grandchildren. Canada, unlike Norway, looks after poor, sick and older people, properly.

Life three. Made a trip back to Norway in ’98 because my mother was old and my brother sick. My mother passed away Christmas Eve 2010. My brother got a kidney and pancreas operation and is as fine as can be. During this twelve years I worked for Aalesund Golf Klubb for two years, and was let go, when they wanted to close the golf course in town and move everything out-of-town. Took over the site in ’00, started Moa Golf Club,

 and in ten years had over 5.500 members registered through the club one way or the other, mostly as mail order members. Over 2.000 took their “Green Card”, a licence to play golf, at the club. The tax department ran me bankrupt in ’06, for reasons only they know; they taxed me on memberships in the club, totally wrong. I had suicide thoughts ever since, such an injustice. The club had problems with accountants and legal advice, and went through a voluntary receivership in ’09 to avoid problems for the members. Moa joined with AaGK and is now run as a year round training center

with a 6 hole course and indoor golf simulators. I am 67 this year, and have to move on. I am trying to settle my tax debt, and as a Canadian citizen, I get a pension that I can not live on, I have to make a move.

Life four. May be my last. Ready to start life four now. Just waiting for my St.Bernard dog and good friend “Wilson” to pass away, and I am ready. I must go back to Canada to see if I still have friends, and fit in there. I think and know so, I love the big country, fell in love with Vancouver an October day in ’66, new snow in the mountains, the most beautiful city in the world. but, times have changed, I now have to live on my pension or work that I can do. That might be tough.

I have another thought. Get out of the rat race, live as a monk, 

for the next years. I have found a large garden, in the middle of a small town in the Algarve Coast in Portugal. This site need desperately some work to bring it back to its glory. It belongs to a local church, and have been neglected for many years. A nice project for me. All the trees and bushes have grown wild, there is no running water any more, it is overgrown with weeds, and needs a lot of love and tender care. Just the right job for me. I need to lose weight, get in shape, do something meaningful with my life and energy.

To follow my friends to Thailand, find a young girl, live on a small pension, pretend I have a life; no , that is not for me at all. Sorry you boys, I will never even visit you there, but good luck to you. But, during Expo’86 I had lunch with the Crown Prince, now King of Thailand, he asked me to come and help starting a fish farm industry based on tilapia, a good eating fish. I should have listened to him then.

I don’t have to be a monk full-time, I can go golfing with my friends when they visit. I do love the looks, smell, sound and serenity of the old churches. I like the heat of the south, or rather, I do not like the cold winters of the north any more, I need the sun. I would certainly invite all potential nun’s to come and serve with me in this exciting project.

I will let my friends know what I do and decide. In any or both cases, I will expect visitors, to Canada or to a garden in Algarve.
Both will be a like a religious experience for you.

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