Was’nt that a party

T.. must have been 15 that summer in Sechelt. We had a beautiful place on Mission Point, Chapman Creek running along the property, and the high tide flooded the front lawn, including a tidal fish pond. We could see much of Georgia Straight, boats, cruise ships, tugs and whales go by. We had chickens, bee hives, a couple of dogs, and often a few sheep, or pigs, or a horse around, to keep the lawn down, nice country living.

T.. wanted to have a party on his birthday, in the middle of the summer, probably friday, a party day. His mother was all for it, I was hesitant, but he was only to invite a few friends, and I knew many of them, and they were nice kids. No problem, The weather was nice, much of the party could be out on the lawn, with a large grill and bonfire.

Before we walked to a nearby restaurant for a nice meal, some of the kids arrived, and all seemed like a fine start of a great party. The nice meal took a few hours, and it was time to start walking back to the house. When we got closer, there were cars and pic ups parked along the highway. I never seen that before. Strange.

As we came closer, the side street was plugged with cars, and getting to our drive way, we could see, hear and feel what was going on. The yard was completely full of kids, most of them older than T.., there were many hundreds. I was honestly not able to get into my own house, even the back door to an office, it was crammed with partying kids.

I could not get to a phone inside, I needed to call the police for help. I found T.. outside in the middle of a crowd. He was sorry and a little scared, most were older kids that he did not know, the whole coast population of teenagers had crashed his party. What a party.

I got to the neighbour to borrow a phone, the older neighbours were not easy with the situation. The police was used to this, but promised to come and help us clear the partycrasher out of there. That was not easy at all. Some were drunk, some were driving without licence, some were riding in the back of pick ups, the police could not control everything. One after one they got them to leave the place.

After a couple of hours, most were gone, some drunken, happy, teenagers were still around in the yard and bushes. The house was a mess, but nothing broken; yes a few inside things, but no major damage. Anything drinkable was empty, fine cognac iI saved for x-mas.

T.. was sorry and afraid he never got to have a party again, and I don’t think he did. But the police, some of them played soccer or mine and other teams in the local league, explained that this was a normal thing on the coast; if there was a rumour of a party, the older, that had cars, would crash it, and they sure did.

The rest of that summer, and later, I picked whole and broken beer bottles from the bushes around, actually dangerous for the animals and barefooted younger brothers. we had many nice parties at this place, but this one took the price.

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