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“The last supper” for the family pet ?

Jesus, I hope I am just sentimental, or the Easter spirits influencing me, because I have to put  my old dog “Wilson” down soon, and my thoughts are wondering wider than usual.  He was just asking for some food, as usual this … Continue reading

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One video you must see   if you are going to see just one video – this is it – if you like photography

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Trust your radar

I had been up Desolation Sound with my boat for a week or two, building or repairing som polyethylene fish pens and small hydro power installations. The weather was bad, rain wind and fog, not a wishful combination on any seas. … Continue reading

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A scary start ?

Easter friday, I get home early, park my car, a Toyota Landcruiser 1986, not just a car, but a fantastic solid vehicle, diesel, 4×4, all a man with big dog would want. First sunny day for a long time, had a x-mas … Continue reading

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Nicest dogs, killing their best friend ?

The story starts with a visit to Burns Lake, I think I went up to retrieve a Ford Pick Up I had left on the farm, and drive it back to the coast. It is a 1.500 km. drive, no problem … Continue reading

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Kids talking ….

Some of the funniest things comes naturally from kids talking; here are some of ours: …… ‘s bed was wet sometimes in the morning, it was not a big issue, but we hoped it would stop , and it did. … Continue reading

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Perennial vegetables – perennial happiness ! good garden quotes “Life begins on the day you start a garden” –Chinese Proverb  excellent article  – an old chines proverb goes something like this: If you want happiness for a moment; have sex, for an hour; have … Continue reading

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