Global warming – Greenland Ice – Geo Depressions – Mother Earth

A lot of people are trying to scare many more people to believe that we have a global warming, caused by people, and that the sea level will rise because the glacier ice on Greenland might melt.

I am not fooled that easily. First, take a look at Greenland, and the glacier ice cap. 

File:Greenland (orthographic projection).svg

Then take a look at the Greenland map, looking at the large area 300 m = 1.000 ft. under sea level ? Nobody has told me about this ? God bless Google.

File:Topographic map of Greenland bedrock.jpg

What happens when the ice melt ? Will the land volume, now depressed 300 m under sea level, will it rise again ? Of course it will. Will the volume to replace the land be the same as the amount of  seawater ? Of course it will. Nature in balance.

Look at other world areas under sea level. This we can do something with. on this map of a flat square world, Greenland is much bigger than reality – see first global map with the ten lowest depressions of dry land, Greenland is not included !

The interesting thing is, to transfer seawater to these arid area, through pipes and channels, and thereby, creating new large oasis’; enabling major and mini climate change, good for these arid area. Here are some prime locations.

The Dead Sea Depression – The lowest point on earth – 413 m. below sea level. (Greenland 300 m.)  Lake Assal in the Afar Depression in Djibouti. The very large Quattara Depression in Egypt. Another in the Afar Depression, Denakil in Ethiopia. On the map and info above, you can see major depressions in 33 different countries. And this does not include Greenland, or the Aral Sea, one of the worst human made catastrophes in the history.

The Aral Sea is a story by its own, far from any ocean, solution must be to stop wasted irrigation water from the Himalayas rivers, now used for cotton fields, not needed by the world. The Aral Sea could use many former US presidents, only out for the cash, and all you environmentalists, bleeding for thing you can do nothing for, double it a few times, and still you have no impact. Use your energy where it can count. But trying to save the Aral Sea would still be a useful exercise. I feel guilty because it happened in my lifetime.

What happens if we let some sea water flow into these areas ? Yes, first one can generate the enormous amount of hydro electricity. Second, the evaporation of the salty plains would create a micro climate, with clouds, mist and rain; enormous beneficial to all growth, including agricultural crop to sustain the local population.

A great inland sea in warm climate will evaporate water and give thunderstorms and heavy rain, almost every afternoon; what comes down is fresh water. Remember; this are now arid, desert area, that sustain virtually no life.

Somebody said; Each raindrop is a kiss from heaven.

What more happens when you fill a large depression like any of these with water, heavy water ? These are all located on various connecting plates of the earth’s crust. The earth crust is soft and flexible, the bottom will sink, the volume will increase, natures balance.

Don’t ever worry about raising sea levels from human reasons, this can only come from larger geophysical events, where we have no input. But that is no excuse for not looking after Mother earth the best we can.

The system of water transfer is simpler than any oil and gas pipelines, may be old ones can be recycled for this use. Salt is also a sellable bi product. We are all winners.

The sun with its sun spots, and the moon, regulate the climate on the earth, easy and simple to understand. The ocean currents are the instrument in this regulation. The changes of the magnetic poles is another result, that in time will give changes to the earth’s orbit, and thereby change the major currents. We are used to El Nino (Pacific Ocean) and La Nina (Australia’s nemesis),

and the Gulf Stream (in the Atlantic) and the similar currents in the Indian Ocean and the rest of the world, they are all connected in a way, makes the world go around.

We don’t understand them fully, or honestly, not at all. Most people have a hard time understanding high and low ocean tide; compliment of the moon. These huge bodies of warm and later cold water, together with the trade winds, sun and moon, regulate all major weather conditions, and over decades and centuries, the warming and cooling of parts of the world.  Accept it, don’t try to understand, explain or change it. Be a weatherman, guess the weather, or look out the window and accepts it as it is.

Somebody said; Everybody complaints about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.

I loved winters, cold and snow when I was young, I can be without them now. I would like to grow my own vegetables, and have tried it, together with beef, sheep and all feathered fowls. I hunt and fish when I can, eat farm and commercial caught fish, preferring the farmed, except the ones I catch myself. It have to do with the stress of a commercially caught fish, the adrenalin released in the blood, the actual slaughtering and bleeding, or rather lack of, the time from producer to my table, and the handling in between.

I therefore also look for ecological produce of every kind, I would prefer to plow the fields and log the forest with horses, and use them for transport; back to real horsepower. I drive only Diesel, on land and water, some from fear of gas and fires, cars and boats, I have experienced both. The more ethyl and/or ethanol in the fuel the better.

I don’t like large windmills, the kill too many birds, especially eagles. Small wind power, combined with sun power and 12 volt; that is a must. I lived with 12 volt in the Canadian bush two summers and one winter. It was naturally good, and easy to do.

The summary is; I don’t belive at all, that global warming caused by us, but I respect and love mother earth, and treat her as gentle as I can. I hope you do the same.


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