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Euro Service new OHM dealer for electric-assisted bicycles
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Electric Bike AdvantagesOHM electric bicycles are high performance electric powered bikes, entirely custom-designed and constructed for a premium riding experience. All of our bike components have been carefully considered to ensure comfort, convenience and performance. OHM electric bicycles have important advantages over a regular electric power bike:

Intelligent Pedal Assistance

OHM electric bicycles have an intelligent drive system with a sensor in the motor that measures your pedaling force. It intuitively senses your pedal pressure and provides assistance proportionate to your pedaling effort.

Powered Up

OHM helps you climb hills more effectively with a high-torque 350-watt BionX bike motor. A throttle provides extra speed boosts.

Our electric powered bicycle has a customized power system with four settings—giving you the freedom to ride farther and the confidence to keep pace with stronger riders.

Longer Battery Range

OHM electric bicycles boast 37V Lithium batteries and can go 50% further than standard electric power bikes. The bicycle battery can last up to 90km (56 miles) or two to five hours of riding on a single charge.

Regenerative braking provides extra battery life by regenerating the battery when you apply the brakes.

Attention to Detail

Every element of our electric bicycle is selected for its quality, from the Shimano disc brakes and the BionX motor, to the LCD command console and the hub dynamo powered lights. The custom OHM battery’s convenient location, handle and Quick-Connect System allow for easy removal, transport and recharge.

OHM electric bicycles also include accessories such as fenders, rear carry rack, chain guard and kickstand. And what good is a bicycle if it’s not comfortable to ride? OHM ensures a smooth, cushioned ride with a Suntour suspension seat post and front suspension.

Want to learn more about our bikes?

Check out our two high performance electric bike models, read up on our electric powered bicycle technology and discover what the electric bike reviews have to say.

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