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Zero kill toleranse – sheep and domestic reindeer. With all respect, I have seen things like this before, it looks like somebody have killed a doe, and taken the hind leg for dinner, more like a two footed animal. I am certain that a lot of kills … Continue reading

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Living on a small boat

If you like the water, like boating, try living on one for the summer. I tried it and liked it, I might retire living on a boat. It is nice to be moored at a dock, with fresh water, electricity and … Continue reading

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Global warming – Greenland Ice – Geo Depressions – Mother Earth

A lot of people are trying to scare many more people to believe that we have a global warming, caused by people, and that the sea level will rise because the glacier ice on Greenland might melt. I am not … Continue reading

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“Timber” – and Chokerman for a week

When this one goes “Timber”!, the ground shakes. I have seen bigger, 12′ diameter in ’67 at Gold River. I had the pleasure , and trust I must add, to work with the fallers a few times in ’67. I … Continue reading

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A fiddle, $50, and two pairs of wooden shoes

A fiddle, $50, and two pairs of wooden shoes, was my first earnings in the furniture business in Vancouver in 1967. I had worked in Gold River area on Vancouver Island all summer, winter was coming, I had no job, and rented … Continue reading

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Columbia River Salmon in BC – “The water, the fish and the Natives does not recognise any border.”

See also: Ogopogo – believe it or not and carp in Okanagan Lake. In the above article you will find many links to the Columbia River system, and some to the Snake River system, both originates in BC, and the … Continue reading

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Ogopogo – believe it or not and carp in the Okanagan.

Ogopopgo’s are the great creatures that have lived in the Okanagan Lake systems for much longer than the human population around the lakes. one of many sightings Okanagan Lake 135 km long, 232 m. deep  statue of Ogopogo in Pentiction … Continue reading

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