Wake a sleeping moose

Southbank in the winter. It was one of those winter wonder days, weekend, lots of new snow, not too cold, and a shining sun. We had some visitors from Lower Mainland, and in total we were four adults and four kids, or more, all on skies, following the leader in a long line.

http://www.rense.com/general88/snowmoose.htm even two albino moose !

It was slow going, I made a trail up the hill from the farm, over an old brush fence, and into an area with some small bushes, typical moose feeding country. An adult moose eats about 40 lb. of twigs a day, and can stay in an area until the brush is thinned out.

It was probably late morning before all the chores was done, breakfast consumed, and everybody got their skies on, some for the first time. It was about four feet of snow, the last one new and very loose. hard to go first and make the trail, but we had lots of time. With all the kids, the group was probably noisy in the otherwise quiet landskape.

I was less than ten feet away, the snow moved, and up from a gully, just big enough for a moose; a big moose cow raised herself slowly to her feet. I was worried we had scared her, but no, may be she was just embarrassed for sleeping in so late. The big beautiful moose, shook the snow off her head, shoulders and back, like a chain reaction from front to back. I could have touched her with my ski pole.

For the visitors, it was surely the very first moose they had seen, and for the moose, may be the first visitors. After some strange looks to and from, she slowly walked away in the deep snow. She could see, that this slow mowing group, could not possible harm her, even with ski poles in their hands.



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