Bees and bumble bees dying – of what ?

Late news: Normal use of pesticides reduces production of queen bees with 85 %

I had a few colonies of bees, in hives, up north in Burns Lakes, and on the Sunshine Coast. They were always strong, over winter I left enough honey, and they survived fine. Up north I wrapped heavy tar paper around the hives, a large rock on the top, and kept the bears away. New colonies was formed when the swarmed, if I found them, and brought them back.

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There is not much more excitement than on the top step of a long unsteady ladder, cutting some tree branch, with a swarming bunch of bees, a little irritated and excited themselves by now. For this I worked without gloves and hood. One bee under the hood, was enough to stop using them, it is better to have control and free flight for them. Rubber bands on the sleeves is good, then they can not crawl up the shirt sleeve.

Honey must be the best product ever, can be used for everything, and local honey is a must. If you have problems with hay fewer etc. local honey with the local pollen, is the best natural product you can use. And, if you have bees, your own or in the neighbourhood, your fruit  and berry crop is som much better and stronger. Bees can pollinate anything inside a few kilometer.

Now, I read, the bees are dying out, and the bumble bees too ?

The researchers fitted cellphones to a hive and activated them for specific lengths of time. After three months of the experiment, honey production ceased, the queen laid half as many eggs, and the hive population dropped. Andrew Goldsworthy a British biologist told CNN that a pigment called cryptochrome, which the bees use for navigation and is compromised by cellphone radiation and affects the insects ability to find their hives. (Check out the radiation report cards of many popular cell phones.)

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From these articles it looks like we have a serious problem, over most of the world. Without pollination we have no food crops. Does the same happen with other insects ? How about birds ? And fish ?

Is there a link to radio waves, cell phone networks, weather radars, aircraft radars, ships radar, car radars ? I am just asking. I am not worried, but this should be taken serious, the whole food chain is dependant on the busy bees.

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