Open road to Vancouver Island

The B.C. ferries are nice way to travel, on a summer day, but they really are dinosaurs of the past and future. A permanently open road to Vancouver island is a few simple steps away.

1. Tunnel from Horseshoe Bay to Bowen Island. A certain amount of private and crown land would be useful to finance this fisrt stage. First ferry gone.

2. Next and simultaneously, tunnel from Bowen Island to Gambier. A high elevation highway would secure all the waterfront for recreation, and higher elevation for spetacular housing.

3. Gambier to Gibsons. Tunnel or bridge. About the same. Now, a second major ferry connection is safely gone for ever, and more crown land for development.

4. Highway up the south side of Sechelt Inlet.

For fun, build the long overdue Canal in Sechelt, from the Inlet to Georgia Straight, with two locks, an inland marina and as major tourist attraction.

5. From Halfmoon Bay area a tunnel to Texeda, and Lasquiti, then to Qualicum Beach. A third ferry connection gone.

6. Bridge to Nelson Island and Hardy island, then at last, tunnel to Saltery Bay, on the way to Powell River. Fourth ferry connection gone.

Similar tunnels are build many places, I am very familiar with projects in Norway, similar distances and depths. In Norway they are financed by toll, but they have no crown land, and generally paid off in 15 years or before, with much less traffic. In this case we have crown land, ready for development, and that could easily pay for this whole project.

No guts, no glory. Remember how the First Narrows were built ?

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