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Safetyhat, can save your life in many ways

1967 Muchalat Inlet, full storm. Nils and me worked up Jacklah River, thinning forest, and every two weeks we would make a trip to Gold River, for supplies like fuel and oil, and food staples. We had a 15′ aluminum boat … Continue reading

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Power to the people from a 6″ pipe

Fish farms were established around B.C. from 1982, all of them needed electric power, and that was usually a small generator running on diesel. A few tried some solar power, combined with batteries, a good solution for lights, TV, radio … Continue reading

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Wake a sleeping moose

Southbank in the winter. It was one of those winter wonder days, weekend, lots of new snow, not too cold, and a shining sun. We had some visitors from Lower Mainland, and in total we were four adults and four … Continue reading

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17 stings and a bottle of vodka

1967 Jacklah River, B.C. Nils ….. and me worked there all summer, thinning forest that had grown since the logging about 15 years earlier. Only the trails remained, they were used by deer and bears, not many other walked them, but … Continue reading

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X-country skier no. 117, proper language and smelly alarms

1967 – ’78 Scandia Ski Shop, 4th. & Burrard,Vancouver, B.C.  The ski shop was doing very well, we were the very first shop to import and sell x-country skies and jumping skies in Vancouver. That was the reason I started a … Continue reading

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Fat Rat, nice to touch

I have a dislike for rats, mice, wood rats, water rats, and a few others of God’s creatures. I fail to see their useful purpose in my balanced nature, and I kill them when and where they bother me. Rats in … Continue reading

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Big sow, old lady, and Sophie that lowed cats

1982 + lived at Mission Point, Davies Bay, in Sechelt, B.C. The property was alongside Chapman Creek, a good salmon river, especially for dog  ( Chum ) salmon,  and a few other species that was not as visual. The chum spawns … Continue reading

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