UFO – believe it or not

For over 30 years I never told this experience to anybody in Canada. I was worried of being considered a freak. Now I don’t care anymore, I know what I saw and experienced. It was real to me, I will never forget it, it is one of the few things I never told my wife, kids or close buddies. In ’79 – ’82 I worked as Economic Development Commissioner in The Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako, between Smithers and Prince George, B.C. A bright, young sober man.

I was on the way back home, to Burns Lake, from Prince George, about a 3,5 hours drive, an early afternoon in October 1981. A clear nice fall day, one could see for miles. It was in the hunting season, and I always had a rifle with me, because I had little free time to go hunting in the day-light, and I had many miles on gravel road to and from home.

I could see something in the low horizon, for miles away, about half an hour, before I got close, some strange lights, not able to describe it. The road is very level, no hills, wide and clear, easy driving. I drove there many times a week for 3 years, and knew every detail.

I have not learned to put the Google Maps directly in to the story yet, now it is copy and scanning.

The site of the observation is just east of the Sheraton overpass, between the end of Burns Lake and Endako, just where the hydro lines cross Yellowhead Highway. On the north side is a hydro station, fenced in, close to the road.

There it was, what I had seen for a long while, in the air, about 100′ over the Hydro station, about 300′ from where I parked. What I saw was not round, more like the shape of an American Football. The whole ting was glowing, not white hot glowing, but a shine came from it. There was a series of lights all the way around, in a golden-yellow glow, I thought of them as porthole. A UFO. A real UFO. Very close, easy to see and feel the presence of.

I was alone, curios, scared, exited, and a few other things. This was the strangest thing I have ever, not only seen, but experienced. The shape was not sharp, but fluid, constant, but like enclosed in a damp cloud. Not in real focus, as a camera lense while you try to find fucus. The lights were also constant, not clear, but did not change shape, in the middle of the shape, above the widest part, all the way round it seems. May be I imagined, buy it felt as if I could see inside the object. No movements visible inside.

I took my time, trying to think, and do the right thing, hoping another car came by, somebody to share this with. I had a good camera, A Pentax, with up to 200 mm. lens. I took many pictures, with several lenses. It was late afternoon, but enough daylight to take good pictures with my equipment. After a few weeks I dared take the film to a shop for developing, when I got the film back, they said it was overexposed, nothing there. This was very strange. I should have sent it to NASA.

I had a good rifle with me, a Remington 30-06, ’79 model, the last with a hand bored barrel, many moose dropped at long distance with this one. A Leitz Scope, I used it to look at this strange craft hovering above the station. Thoughts went through my head, I had wife and kids waiting at home, I was young, not ready to die, could I damage this thing with a gun ?, what would they do ?, were they small and green ?; I don’t know, but a lot of things raced through my head.

I took more pictures, decided not to fire the rifle. I was there almost half an hour, I know, because I had to reach a ferry over the Francois Lake, and I missed one departure. It was also getting darker, I was standing outside my pick up, looking in awe. I have never seen or experienced anything remotely similar in all my life.

No sound, no movement, hovering quiet. With no warning it started mowing to the north, I figured it would cross over Fort St. James on the way. No noise, lifting some, but just over the tree-tops, almost clearer now, the speed picked up, and I could clearly see the object getting smaller and smaller as it moved.

I watched it until it was gone. Got back into my pick-up and started on the way home. I was shaking. When I was there watching this strange ting, I could feel the presence. I have later thought that it must have mowed by electric or magnetic forces, there were no engine sounds. That could explain why it was sitting a top of a hydro station; recharging the batteries ?

I did not dare to tell anybody, not at home, not at the office. I later heard of UFO landings in the 30’ties at Southbank, but the question nagged me. I called the Prince George Airport and asked if there was any flights, helicopters, anything on the radar in that area that evening. No activity they said, and nothing on the radar.

I should have called the power company, to see if they recorded a serious electic discharge on that station that night, or any other disturbances.    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla If Nicola Tesla was around, he could have explained it, probably some kind of electromagnetism or wireless energy transfer.

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