Protecting the food from bears

As the bears became too friendly, they did not wait until we feed them, they helped themselves.  The tent and ruck sacks were no match. Some days we came back to camp, everything was demolished, I mean, really demolished. We then had the long way down to the boat, and back, getting more supplies, before we could have our meal and rest.

We felled another log across the river, just by the camp. Put all the food stuff in a bag, and tied it to a rope, lowered from the middle of the log, not so low that the bears could get it from down below. This worked.

I now got the understanding of why we people are so smart, and the animals so stupid. Really the essence of modern man; civilisation as we know it. This one bear failed. We had no names on them, they all looked the same.

This bear, balancing on the log, wondering how to get the food that was in the sack hanging on a rope under the log ? He had probably seen us pulling the rope up. He grabbed the rope with one paw, pulled it as high as he could; then his whole scheme fell apart. He could not coordinate the next pull, grabbing the rope with his other paw ! One could see the frustration, he knew it was possible, but oh so difficult to figure out. He pulled the rope almost up to the log, time after time, just with the one paw, never figuring out how to change a grip. I felt superior, I was smarter than these, a good feeling. I felt smarter than most, ever since.

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