Bears and tin cans

One would think that a bear could not possible know what is in a tin can. Hermetic sealed. But, they know. After ripping the tent apart, demolishing the backsacks, finding the tin cans, they opened them as if they had done that all their lives.

First biting two holes, one bite, two molars. Then they smelled, tasted, and drank some of the juices that came out. But, now to get to the essence, usually Norwegian fish balls, they sat on their ass, one front paw index claw, in each hole, and ripped, or opened them as easy and as clean as could be done. Licking the can clean, they looked for more.

Salt was good to lick, their noses showing how salt is was, but they licked it anyway. Sugar was great. Flour was just too dusty. And that was about all we had of food stuff.

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