Bears, and more bears

This morning at 07.45, the half grown bear (the chicken killer) climbed on to my aluminium boat, turned upside down on two sawhorses, and it fell off together with the bear. A lot of noice. The bear was trying to get to the grapes hanging higher than he could reach from the ground.

This afternoon, some noice from the neighboors garbage container. One female with two nice looking cubs, cleaning out garbage. We chased them away. Ten minutes later they were back for more.

Please, do not tempt bears with food garbage. Take it to some secure location.

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To the fireworks

My youngest son went to the fireworks, and you wondered why Vancouver is the best place to live in the world !

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Bear shit !

This is what the bear left me today, after killing almost aIMG_0033 doz. chickens, and by the look of his droppings, right in my yard, he had Black Berries for desert.

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No more chickens, Bears 11 – 3 !

About 5.30 this morning I was awakened by loud noise from the chicken coop. Kept the dogs inside, and walked out to see, not a nice sight. A black bear chewing on the rooster, 5 m. in front of me. Having ripped a hole in the door. I will take picture later. I do not like to walk around outside barefoot, with a hungry feeding bear.

Bear was back for more at 7 AM. I never seen a bear run that fast, chasing chickens around, including up on my front deck. He would have outrun both old dogs.




So, that is the end of having chickens at this place. It was fun a few weeks.


I have seen many bears, and had chickens for many years, in bear country, but never seen this. I think it is a  4 year old, looking for food alone, hungry and the berry season is just starting.


3 left alive, one wounded that I had to kill, and the rest to the bears ! I will bring them to a farm today. Done, a local farmer picked the live ones up.

Yes I have guns, and permits,  but no, I would not kill a bear for this. I am living in their area, and I have to respect that.  I have had chickens and other animals, and farm status, and never had this problem. This could be a 3 to 4  year old bear, lone and hungry. I will not tempt him again. But he will visit, over and over again, to se if there is more chickens.

If you are afraid of the dark, bears and any other animals, do not chose to live in a wonderful place like this. Nature rules, just accept it, enjoy and live with it.

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Two roosters became one, and 13 chickens

After a few nights, a bear (bear droppings 25 steps away), but most likely a racoon, ripped the door open, and one rooster gone. Just a few feathers left. The remaining one stayed close to the old dog.


A farmer friend was culling 300 older laying hens, and replaced them with new chicks. A quick addition to the old outhouse, and a trip to the farm, a farmers dozen became 13 happy old hens, and one happier young rooster: 5 eggs every day since.

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Two Roosters

Last week driving down the gravel road, there were two rosters on the side of the road. Somebody,CIMG4851 not so nice, dropped them off for Cayote food. I managed to catch one, and carried him back to my place. The dogs adopted him right of way. I went back to the other one hiding in the bush, and crowed like a rooster. When I got home that evening, he was in my yard also. They feel right at home, and have an outhouse they sleep in.


This is the driveway, where the Black Bears, Coyotes, Deer and others just wander in.


At any given time there can be 1/2 a dozen hummingbirds in this jungle.


Home Sweet Home, perfect for a pensioner that wants to live with nature in the bush. All plants are eatable, peas, tomatos, peppers and many other types greens.

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Lots of Hummingbirds this time of the year


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